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We machine a variety of materials and can help source many of them should your project require something particular.

One of our most frequented materials for its versatility, strength and clean appearance. We typically use BB/BB grade for the majority of projects and B/BB for those requiring a completely clear face, free from plugs and large knots (such as for desktops).

Thicknesses: 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24mm

We work with specialist suppliers for laminates who use a wide selection of brands including Abet Laminati, Formica and Riga to name a few. Typically these will consist of an MDF or plywood core with your choice of laminates on either side.

Thicknesses: varies based on core/laminate combination.

Note: due to these boards being laminated to order they can increase lead times by up to 1-3 weeks in some cases.

Plywood or MDF core with your choice of real wood veneer, the most popular of which being Oak. This can in many instances be mixed with a lower grade backing veneer to reduce costs.

Accompanied with edge banding, veneered boards can have the appearance of solid wood.

Thicknesses: varies based on core/veneer combination.

Note: due to many of these boards being made-to-order they can increase lead times by around 2 weeks on average.

We can source various species of solid woods. For machining, the material has to be pre-prepared often leading to increased costs and lead times. For larger projects we would recommend veneered boards (see above) as a cost effective alternative.

MDF is a great substrate for use in situations requiring painting, or just as a more cost effective alternative to wood. In addition to the standard boards, we can also source moisture resistant and fire retardant panels.

Thickness: 9, 12, 18, 25mm

An engineered sheet material also referred to as a HDF (high density fibreboard) which is great for machining. Comes in a variety of colours which are consistent throughout the panel.

Thicknesses: 8, 12, 16, 19mm

We can source acrylic in a variety of colours including some speciality alternatives such as mirrored and frosted, the most common being clear offering the widest choice of thickness.

Thicknesses: 1-20mm

Other materials;

  • Other Ply varieties (wisa spruce, douglas fir)
  • Foam (closed cell, furniture, acoustic etc)
  • Model Board (different densities available)
  • Cardboard
If a material has proven difficult to source, or you have the material readily available for your project, in most cases we will be happy to accept delivery of your materials for processing.

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