Make it green

Environmental Policy

Manufacturing typically involves the use of natural resources at some point. Be it the materials used in the project itself, or the energy needed to power the processes behind its creation. At MADA, we try to always take a moment to consider what we’re doing and the impact it has on our planet, from individual projects to company adopted policy.


Knowing the lifecycle of a variety of materials (and researching new ones) means we can offer our advice on greener alternatives where possible. However, material selection is of course project dependant and is in the end the clients decision. That said, we always endeavour to use sources with the least environmental impact, such as only sourcing woods from FSC certified suppliers and favouring plastics with a high recycled content.


In the workshop we’re electric only, we don’t even have a gas supply plumbed in! This makes it much easier for us to control where our energy comes from. Our supplier provides us with a 100% renewable tariff from mixed sources such as agricultural gas and solar.

Workshop Efficiency

It’s not all about the suppliers, there are ways in the workshop we make the most of the materials available as well. Waste itself is a huge issue and the more we can reduce the amount that goes in the bin, the better. By optimising our processes, typically though technology, we can boost efficiency whilst also reducing our waste output. For everything else? Well, we always favour hanging on to reasonable sized off-cuts and bits of material, just in case that opportunity comes up where we can use it for something rather than throwing it away.

Waste Control

Although we would prefer zero waste leaving the workshop, we’re not there just yet. But, by using waste contractors who don’t just take everything to landfill we can at least minimise the impact our waste has too. We use Greenline Environmental for our waste management, who pride themselves on having a 100% landfill diversion policy. Everything they collect is first sorted to be reused or recycled at a waste transfer station, then what’s left (anything that can’t be recycled) is sent to an energy from waste facility (EFW).

Panel Pieces

We are now taking our offcuts from the CNC process, chopping them up to recover useable pieces and making these available for sale through our sister site further reducing the amount of material waste from the workshop.

This is a click & collect service, so if you’re popping by the workshop anyway, feel free to ask us about Panel Pieces and take a look at what we have available.

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