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It’s the most asked question, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a straight forward answer.

Due to the nature of manufacturing it’s very hard to put a fixed price on the services we provide as it really depends on what exactly is being made. For this reason we work on a quotation basis tailored to your project. If you would like a vague ballpark before your designs are completed we can also give a rough estimate (subject to a final quote when job is production ready). Use our quote form for the fastest response.

Accepted Payment Methods;

  • BACS Transfer (see details on invoice)
  • Card payment online (follow link in invoice sent by email)

Payment Terms

Typically we require payment upfront before any materials are ordered or works scheduled. However, terms can sometimes differ subject to job specifics and production scheduling. The terms for your order will be confirmed on your quotation/invoice.

Sub Assembly

If your project requires component parts to be assembled as part of the production process (for instance if they need to be together for finishing processes) we can look at doing this for you. We would discuss how the components are to be made before works begin, but there are some helpful ways of conveying this;

  • Corresponding numbers on component parts for easier identification.
  • Build schedule if you have one (this could be some rough notes for assembly)
  • Assembly diagrams

QC Assembly Testing

For many projects we will test assemble (typically dry fit or with no hardware) to ensure parts go together correctly. However prototypes, items where there is no clear indication of assembly or projects which are simply ‘cut only’ jobs we will not test this. If you require test assembly please tell us this as part of your enquiry. Alternatively you’re welcome to inspect the parts at the workshop before they leave.

Site Assembly & Installation

We currently only provide on-site services in limited cases and/or where we either developed the project to be installed from the beginning, or the product to be assembled is of our own design. However, we are able to liaise with your own designers, on-site teams and tradespeople to ensure your project installs as smoothly as possible. We can also recommend contractors in a variety of disciplines should you need someone.

In short, contact us! When it comes to returns our policy is always to be as fair as possible. Generally, this means if it’s our fault we’ll fix it.

If items arrive damaged;

It is highly unlikely that goods would leave our workshop damaged, so we often find that this is a transit issue.

It is important that you check everything on arrival and point out any damage to the courier at the time of delivery. This should speed things along when we contact their office.

Contact us immediately, preferably on the day of delivery, but at least the following day. This is so we can be proactive in contacting the courier. We will likely ask you to send us photos of the damage so we can forward these to them, assess how it happened and see what we can do to resolve it for you.

In cases where the items are collected from our workshop by you, a colleague, a friend or a courier of your choosing, we can not take any responsibility in how the goods were handled once leaving our premises, therefore we can not pursue a resolution for you. We can only provide a quote for replacement in these circumstances.

If items are incorrect (finish, dimensions, features, fit etc);

If you notice an issue with your parts, please inform us within 7 days of receiving them. If it is found that the error is due to the original specification or files being incorrect then we can provide a quote for reproduction or correction.

If it was an error our end, depending on the issue, we will either reproduce and replace, return and correct, or offer a refund. If we elect for replacing, we will likely require the bad parts to be returned to us (at no cost to you) so we can recycle or repurpose the materials.

Yes! We offer different options for delivery based on the project.


This is a door to door service which requires minimal packaging. We can book the delivery on a day to suit you and in some cases can provide a time slot (typically with additional cost). Ideal for larger items or parts with unusual geometry.


For smaller items or batched parts which can be boxed we can use a standard 1-2 day courier such as TNT. Delivery is usually made between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.


Logistics can be difficult at times. If a project demands it, we can source quotes from other carriers to find a bespoke solution for your project.


Typically we will use Royal Mail for posting material and finish samples, but most parts are usually better suited to the other methods above.

You’re welcome to collect from the workshop. Please give us an indication of a date and time beforehand so we can ensure your items are ready to leave. Please note, we will generally assume collection for projects unless you request delivery (this will also be confirmed on quotations/invoices).

All collections must be arranged in advance. You must be wearing a face covering prior to entering and at all times whilst on the premises.

Once an order is confirmed and payment received it is put in to the production queue. During this time, provided your order is not in production, changes can be made (prices may need review depending on the changes).

If we have begun working on your order (in production) you will be charged for any work up to the point of change/cancellation.

We have comprehensive preparation guides for each of our services.

Simply select the service under ‘File Preparation’ at the top of this page.

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